Why we need Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour leadership challenge

Jeremy Corbyn’s second leadership victory is merely plastering over the cracks of a derelict political party.

Corbyn undoubtedly has the support of Labour members – and would appear to have even greater had the great ‘purge’ nooccurred – and with such a fierce support base on ye left of the political spectrum, one would assume he can now press inward and present a real challenge to the Conservatives in 2020.

The reality of the situation however is that we will likely see more internal division and point scoring from he Blairite contingent – Sadiq Khan made comments regarding Corbyn’s leadership earlier this week.

We have seen the same issues within the Labour Party in past. Under dominant Tory governments, Labour have often floundered, investing valuable time and energy toward internal struggles, rather than presenting a challenge in The Commons. Until Labour made a unilateral shift toward the centre under Blair, they were dead in the water. It seems many reminisce about the days of Blair, smashing the Conservatives around Westminster and dominating the airwaves of the British media. To suggest we must return to that style of politics however, is quite absurd and absolutely not what Britain needs.

Never has there been a time in which socialist ideals are needed more in Britain.na genuine voice from the left is, I believe, the logical choice when posed with the imminent reality of life outside the European Union.

Pin leaving the EU, I acknowledge fully that we now have an opportunity to create and cultivate our own systems of civil and human rights laws. Our decision to trade and interact with other nations and unions will be ours alone. Another important aspect of our new found ‘sovereignty’ has to be our exclusion from a multinational military setup, which will likely occur in the EU in the coming years. What one must ask however, is can we really trust the Conservative Party – under the leadership of Theresa May – with acting in the best interests of the British public?

I do not believe for a second that the Conservatives will protect the rights of British workers, ensure public institutions are adequately funded and maintained, or help combat the growing wealth divide in the UK. Their time in government has shown that they hold a completely contempt for the working class and are actively disregarding public services, no doubt in an attempt to undermine them in order to introduce private options.

Under a Jeremy Corbyn led government, those services will be protected, the working class will be given adequate pay and failing private industries will likely be nationalised – rail networks in particular have been singled out and only days ago plans for a national £10 minimum wage were announced. Jeremy Corbyn’s support for junior doctors is also worth noting, with their treatment under this Tory government being nothing short of disgraceful.

These are but ideas however. Whether ye ever come to fruition will be decided over he next four years. In reality Jeremy Corbyn will likely be undermined further from within his own party, a party  in which he has been an ever present fixture for years. If he succeeds, he will be deemed a ‘fantasist’, if he loses, he will likely be labelled one of the most disastrous Labour and opposition leaders of all time. This will not be his doing though, it will be through the actions of those who are utterly unaccepting of the notion that in Britain in 2016, a party that identifies as and practises socialist ideas can succeed.

Into the Void

A man holds a sign at the launch of the Vote Leave bus campaign, in favour of Britain leaving the European Union, in Truro

I had intended to vent my frustration at last weeks Brexit result earlier than this. However I feel time has, to an extent, given me a sense of clarity on the issue.

In the hours and days following the announcement that the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union, social media outlets were abundant with judgemental comments – mainly focused toward those who voted Leave – and an overwhelming sense of fear, dread and disappointment with how democracy had apparently failed.

Democracy had not failed. It had served its purpose, exquisitely. It just did not suit a large proportion of the population. With such a narrow margin of defeat for the Remain campaign, it would be foolish to think that many would not speak out and vent frustration at their loss, this was evident in the wake of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.

The reality now is that we must accept the result. I voted Remain, but seeing petitions to force through a rerun of this vote, or suggestions that MP’s should block the motion to enact Article 50 is, frankly, scandalous. If this were to happen, the UK would lose all democratic legitimacy on a world scale and our reputation would be irrevocably tarnished.

Questions still remain, I will admit. The question of Scottish independence has once again reemerged from the grains of the political woodwork. Northern Irish sovereignty is being questioned, with some advocating unification.

Above all of these questions, fears and divisive actions currently ongoing, one thing is frightfully clear; the complete betrayal of the British working-class. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn made such a lacklustre attempt at campaigning to remain in the EU that many in ‘Middle England’ simply forgot they existed at all. In this vacuum, UKIP and the right-wing elements of the UK political sphere were allowed to crash into the homes of millions, convincing them that the source of their woes were, you guessed it, other working-class people – just these were of a different colour, creed or religion.

You have to hand it to them, the political right truly have mastered the art of turning one against their neighbour, and they have consistently done this for so long, that you even begin to question why we are so witless and unaware of it once the cogs start turning again.

That is what this comes down to. Manipulation, deceit, the promise of a better life, rinse & repeat. In addition to this, a complete disregard of the issues that affect the working-class and poor in this nation has led them to consider the alternative options available to them, and sadly, that is the extreme, the dark, the uncertain.

Were we to have promoted a concerted effort to bring the working-class back into the fray, rather than marginalising and stigmatising them as ‘chavs’ or ‘benefit scroungers’ as our media outlets and society have done, then they would not have opted to view other human beings – no different in predicament to them – as the source of their misery and misfortune.

We have created this problem that lies ahead, like an alchemist meddling with powers he does not understand, we have concocted this foul disease in the minds of our nation, and will take quite some time to stem the spread.


I have my thoughts on religion. A series of lies that have corrupted the minds of millions over the millennia, led us to commit unspeakable acts of horror and enslave our fellow man.

I have my thoughts on gun control – or America’s there lack of.  An issue that continually sees slaughter brought to schools, medical clinics, university campus’ and, in recent days, nightclubs.

I really do not want to type out a large piece here, because frankly, I’m tired of discussing why, perhaps, another dozen or two people have been murdered in a nation that claims to ‘lead’ the free world.

All I will say is this, like in many cases before, communities will hurt, families will mourn, other people will likely forget and ultimately, this same conversation will be had in a couple of weeks time.

Finally, in my opinion this issue comes down to two types of people; Those who still maintain that having semi-automatic firearms available to the public is justified, and those who still incessantly worship the idea of an invisible man, and will go so far as to kill for that imaginary being, because other people’s lifestyles, beliefs,or – in this instance – simply the way they were born, does not suit their warped, archaic view of the world.

Actually, often we find that in the United States, these two maniacal groups are intertwined. A rifle in one hand, a bible in the other. Land of the free…


The New McCarthyism


February 9th, 1950. Senator McCarthy stands in West Virginia and gallantly declares “I have here in my hand a list of 205 people that were known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who, nevertheless, are still working and shaping the policy of the State Department”. With this revelation comes a national hysteria over the idea that the red devil of the East may very well be infiltrating American democracy.

We all know what followed, a witch hunt of such enormous proportions that it shook America to its core. Despite  having very little evidence to support his claims, McCarthy’s declaration struck a chord with the American people who were – justifiably so? – petrified of the looming communist threat. Careers ruined, reputations in tatters and lives irrevocably changed -all under the auspices of maintaining stability and preventing “subversive” behaviour within the republic.

Fast forward to February 9th, 2016 and we see the same culture of witch-hunting and profiling, in addition to the concept of compiling lists of subversives and potential ‘radicals’ within society – whether they be politically or religiously radical.

In the UK we find our own version of McCarthyism taking shape. School boys across the nation targeted by our government, all under the charge that they are Muslim and “at risk” of becoming radicalised by members of their community, or through accessing dangerous material online.

Similarly, in the United States, it was revealed by VICE News that “a confidential service, used by over 300 government and intelligence agencies, 49 of the 50 biggest banks, pre-employment vetting agencies and 9 of the top 10 global law firms” has compiled a list of potential subversives – one of which happens to be the former World Bank and Bank of England adviser Mohammed Iqbal Asaria, granted a CBE in the Queen’s Honours list of 2005.

Another name on this fabled list happens to be Maajid Nawaz, founder of counter-extremism think tank Quilliam. As a fan of Mr Nawaz and a follower of his social media profiles, I find his thoughts on extremism particularly engaging and interesting. Having appeared on BBC Question Time it seems he has very progressive views on how to tackle the issue of religious extremism yet, we see him on a list that suggests he is in some way a risk.

Our culture has deteriorated to the point where we monitor not only extremists and those who present a danger to public safety, but also those who offer an alternative narrative to those who could go down the path of extremism. Furthermore, we see our governments monitoring and profiling children based on some Minority Report style “well they could end up being terrorists” system.

Worse still, the people of western democracies are all too happy to support their governments in these absurd policies and often do little to oppose legislation being brought in by Parliament or Congress. See: The Patriot Act, GCHQ activities and generally most policies endorsed by the regressive left.

Upon reflection, it is obvious that McCarthyism was a scourge upon democracy in America and an affront to freedom of speech and thought. However in the 66 years following, we appear to have changed very little. We are still profiling those who do not toe the party line, we still compile ludicrous watch-lists based on completely baseless ideas and stereotypes, we still have not learned our lesson.


Louise Mensch – Cretin of the highest order

Yesterday we seen how truly childish and moronic British politics can be.

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch made an almighty fool of herself – For all of the Twitterverse to revel in.

Mensch uploaded arguably the most idiotic picture I have ever seen on to Twitter, a screenshot that claims to highlight the supposed “sewer that is Jeremy Corbyn’s Support” .

She cannot possibly think that people are this stupid? That those who use Twitter have absolutely no idea how the search-bar system works and, furthermore, think those amongst the Corbyn support are this level of petty and idiotic?

We can clearly see that the small ‘x’s’ on her searchbar indicate that she has typed in “Lizforleader Nazi” etc etc

Something Twitter users were quick to point out

I have to say, this is a new level of sad.

Currently, there is a common theme among many in the political right – and many in the media – who are actively going out of their way to tarnish Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation, portray his supporters as hard-line, Marxist revolutionaries and completely stifle any debate on how the United Kingdom can oust a government hellbent on ripping our welfare system to shreds.

This is just one of many sad, desperate measures being taken currently

I honestly would not expect anything less from the right-wing parasites we have running (and destroying) our country and at least this event has outed Louise Mensch as the complete moron she is, every cloud has a silver lining I suppose..

A measly excuse for avoiding vaccinations.

We are two weeks into the new year and already we have a contender for ‘2015’s Biggest Idiot’ – Fantastic.

A California woman on holiday at Disneyland is believed to have spread Measles to potentially dozens of holiday goers.

Measles is easily controlled through vaccination. However it appears this woman had not been.

Measles is easily controlled through vaccination. However it appears this woman had not been.

With over 26 cases of the disease now confirmed throughout four states, this makes up for nearly 12% of the yearly estimates of Americans who contract the illness.

This is an disease that can be devastating to young children who have not yet been vaccinated and, considering the woman was on holiday at Disneyland, it’s hard to believe that an individual can be so irresponsible as to expose youngsters to a potentially life threatening disease.

Now, Measles is not as common in the United States (or the Western world in general) as it is worldwide, with over 20 million people contracting the disease every year. These cases are mainly in underdeveloped nations, where access to adequate medical services simply isn’t a basic fact of life.

Despite the obvious success of the vaccination programmes against the disease, there is a growing movement in the US that opposes not only the vaccination of children against harmful virus’ or diseases, but apparently opposes science, logic and reason.

The opposition comes from ‘studies’ that have supposedly proven a link between the vaccination and autism in children – The claims have of course been debunked by scientific fact.

Come on guys, it’s 2015 already, can we leave behind pseudoscientific or religious based lunacy and embrace the wonders of modern medicine? Is that too much to ask?

Wake up.


One of those days, where I seem to just want to keep writing.

Scrolling through my twitter and I see a headline “2,000 civilians killed in a terrorist attack on Wednesday in Nigeria.” It didn’t even make world news. Yet , Kim Kardashian’s latest what the heck ever does? People really? Is that what we have come to as a society? We care more about Kim Kardashian than actual world issues? Why? Someone please tell me why that is? Children are starving around the world, yet we can’t seem to put down our damn phones, and actually pay attention to what really matters. No instead what matters is what latest bs is coming out next, who won the golden globes, whose wearing what, who gives a crap. There are children crying, people dying, and wars being fought in places we don’t even bother to mention, places that we probably don’t…

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