Into the Void

A man holds a sign at the launch of the Vote Leave bus campaign, in favour of Britain leaving the European Union, in Truro

I had intended to vent my frustration at last weeks Brexit result earlier than this. However I feel time has, to an extent, given me a sense of clarity on the issue.

In the hours and days following the announcement that the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union, social media outlets were abundant with judgemental comments – mainly focused toward those who voted Leave – and an overwhelming sense of fear, dread and disappointment with how democracy had apparently failed.

Democracy had not failed. It had served its purpose, exquisitely. It just did not suit a large proportion of the population. With such a narrow margin of defeat for the Remain campaign, it would be foolish to think that many would not speak out and vent frustration at their loss, this was evident in the wake of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.

The reality now is that we must accept the result. I voted Remain, but seeing petitions to force through a rerun of this vote, or suggestions that MP’s should block the motion to enact Article 50 is, frankly, scandalous. If this were to happen, the UK would lose all democratic legitimacy on a world scale and our reputation would be irrevocably tarnished.

Questions still remain, I will admit. The question of Scottish independence has once again reemerged from the grains of the political woodwork. Northern Irish sovereignty is being questioned, with some advocating unification.

Above all of these questions, fears and divisive actions currently ongoing, one thing is frightfully clear; the complete betrayal of the British working-class. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn made such a lacklustre attempt at campaigning to remain in the EU that many in ‘Middle England’ simply forgot they existed at all. In this vacuum, UKIP and the right-wing elements of the UK political sphere were allowed to crash into the homes of millions, convincing them that the source of their woes were, you guessed it, other working-class people – just these were of a different colour, creed or religion.

You have to hand it to them, the political right truly have mastered the art of turning one against their neighbour, and they have consistently done this for so long, that you even begin to question why we are so witless and unaware of it once the cogs start turning again.

That is what this comes down to. Manipulation, deceit, the promise of a better life, rinse & repeat. In addition to this, a complete disregard of the issues that affect the working-class and poor in this nation has led them to consider the alternative options available to them, and sadly, that is the extreme, the dark, the uncertain.

Were we to have promoted a concerted effort to bring the working-class back into the fray, rather than marginalising and stigmatising them as ‘chavs’ or ‘benefit scroungers’ as our media outlets and society have done, then they would not have opted to view other human beings – no different in predicament to them – as the source of their misery and misfortune.

We have created this problem that lies ahead, like an alchemist meddling with powers he does not understand, we have concocted this foul disease in the minds of our nation, and will take quite some time to stem the spread.


I have my thoughts on religion. A series of lies that have corrupted the minds of millions over the millennia, led us to commit unspeakable acts of horror and enslave our fellow man.

I have my thoughts on gun control – or America’s there lack of.  An issue that continually sees slaughter brought to schools, medical clinics, university campus’ and, in recent days, nightclubs.

I really do not want to type out a large piece here, because frankly, I’m tired of discussing why, perhaps, another dozen or two people have been murdered in a nation that claims to ‘lead’ the free world.

All I will say is this, like in many cases before, communities will hurt, families will mourn, other people will likely forget and ultimately, this same conversation will be had in a couple of weeks time.

Finally, in my opinion this issue comes down to two types of people; Those who still maintain that having semi-automatic firearms available to the public is justified, and those who still incessantly worship the idea of an invisible man, and will go so far as to kill for that imaginary being, because other people’s lifestyles, beliefs,or – in this instance – simply the way they were born, does not suit their warped, archaic view of the world.

Actually, often we find that in the United States, these two maniacal groups are intertwined. A rifle in one hand, a bible in the other. Land of the free…