Louise Mensch – Cretin of the highest order

Yesterday we seen how truly childish and moronic British politics can be.

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch made an almighty fool of herself – For all of the Twitterverse to revel in.

Mensch uploaded arguably the most idiotic picture I have ever seen on to Twitter, a screenshot that claims to highlight the supposed “sewer that is Jeremy Corbyn’s Support” .

She cannot possibly think that people are this stupid? That those who use Twitter have absolutely no idea how the search-bar system works and, furthermore, think those amongst the Corbyn support are this level of petty and idiotic?

We can clearly see that the small ‘x’s’ on her searchbar indicate that she has typed in “Lizforleader Nazi” etc etc

Something Twitter users were quick to point out

I have to say, this is a new level of sad.

Currently, there is a common theme among many in the political right – and many in the media – who are actively going out of their way to tarnish Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation, portray his supporters as hard-line, Marxist revolutionaries and completely stifle any debate on how the United Kingdom can oust a government hellbent on ripping our welfare system to shreds.

This is just one of many sad, desperate measures being taken currently

I honestly would not expect anything less from the right-wing parasites we have running (and destroying) our country and at least this event has outed Louise Mensch as the complete moron she is, every cloud has a silver lining I suppose..