A measly excuse for avoiding vaccinations.

We are two weeks into the new year and already we have a contender for ‘2015’s Biggest Idiot’ – Fantastic.

A California woman on holiday at Disneyland is believed to have spread Measles to potentially dozens of holiday goers.

Measles is easily controlled through vaccination. However it appears this woman had not been.

Measles is easily controlled through vaccination. However it appears this woman had not been.

With over 26 cases of the disease now confirmed throughout four states, this makes up for nearly 12% of the yearly estimates of Americans who contract the illness.

This is an disease that can be devastating to young children who have not yet been vaccinated and, considering the woman was on holiday at Disneyland, it’s hard to believe that an individual can be so irresponsible as to expose youngsters to a potentially life threatening disease.

Now, Measles is not as common in the United States (or the Western world in general) as it is worldwide, with over 20 million people contracting the disease every year. These cases are mainly in underdeveloped nations, where access to adequate medical services simply isn’t a basic fact of life.

Despite the obvious success of the vaccination programmes against the disease, there is a growing movement in the US that opposes not only the vaccination of children against harmful virus’ or diseases, but apparently opposes science, logic and reason.

The opposition comes from ‘studies’ that have supposedly proven a link between the vaccination and autism in children – The claims have of course been debunked by scientific fact.

Come on guys, it’s 2015 already, can we leave behind pseudoscientific or religious based lunacy and embrace the wonders of modern medicine? Is that too much to ask?

Wake up.


One of those days, where I seem to just want to keep writing.

Scrolling through my twitter and I see a headline “2,000 civilians killed in a terrorist attack on Wednesday in Nigeria.” It didn’t even make world news. Yet , Kim Kardashian’s latest what the heck ever does? People really? Is that what we have come to as a society? We care more about Kim Kardashian than actual world issues? Why? Someone please tell me why that is? Children are starving around the world, yet we can’t seem to put down our damn phones, and actually pay attention to what really matters. No instead what matters is what latest bs is coming out next, who won the golden globes, whose wearing what, who gives a crap. There are children crying, people dying, and wars being fought in places we don’t even bother to mention, places that we probably don’t…

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Journalism – while Earth sustains


The press, media, journalism and the ways in which the state and the system communicates with us reflect the hc. They are man-made, our reality.

I think a good analogy for our circumstances is the end of the Roman Empire. Except there are no Barbarians. Nor are there frontiers for we are global, many times in many ways over. Civilisation developed out of agriculture and diversity. It is global urbanisation and employment now – mobilisation and utilisation, of monoculture, development and massing. Somewhat lemming like, we’ve now thrown ourselves through the exponential curve.

I think of it as a tsunami wave as it rears up right, shattering throughout and from below, like a giant taken down at the knee. Though the initially subtle and sublime distant ripple of a wave has made itself obvious, humanity keeps going. Journalism can only reflect that.

Like the bread to the masses at the…

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Desperate times call for…Calm and collected measures.

In my first post for nearly three months I’ll be speaking briefly about one of the thousands of ridiculous issues in our society that has irritated me today.

But first, I would like to take a second to not only offer my condolences to the people of France, but also congratulating the French people on how to conduct yourself in a responsible, human manner in the wake of such terrible violence like which we seen in Paris last week.

The people of the Republic truly have proven that terror will not prevail over peoples who wish to live in an open society where freedom of speech and thought are seen as rights to all, not privileges of a certain religious group or faith.

In the wake of the attacks, here in the UK I have seen several articles and pieces regarding Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposals to protect the UK and its citizens.

David Cameron met with  the Jewish Leadership Council today

David Cameron met with the Jewish Leadership Council today

Now, many would automatically assume that would involve perhaps increasing funding to security services, to police services nationwide and/or to maintain a higher level of vigilance regarding radicalisation of young people within communities or places of worship.

If you are one of these people then I truly applaud you for retaining some level of reason or logic, because David Cameron has suggested plans that involve nothing less than the restriction of information and a completely giant “F*** you” to the very society we live in.

Plans to ban ‘secure communications apps’ such as What’s App, Snapchat and other platforms are an affront to everything democratic in our society.

  • What right does our government have to restrict me from contacting my family in the United States via What’s App? – A very handy app that opens millions up to an easy form of communication.
  • What right does our government have to prevent me sending ridiculous ‘selfies’ to my friends and family?
  • What right does our government have to tell me how I should communicate at all?
Proposals would see restrictions set on communications software such as What's App

Proposals would see restrictions set on communications software such as What’s App

None. It has absolutely none whatsoever.

All of this will of course be pursued by policy makers – and sold to the public by our politicians – under the auspices of “protecting us” from terrorism.

“The attacks in Paris demonstrated the scale of the threat that we face and the need to have robust powers through our intelligence and security agencies in order to keep our people safe,”  – David Cameron,  Monday 12th January 2015

With this year’s General Election drawing ever closer, it would be wise to add that not only would a move such as this be the end of Cameron’s dream of keeping his awfully hard fought place in Downing Street…But also signal the beginning of a new era in British society.

We currently live in the most watched nation in the world, a nation in which GCHQ and other intelligence services are near unimpeachable in regards to their activities. Not to mention the fact we live in a ‘CCTV Society’ – In which virtually every aspect of public life is monitored, 24-hours a day. Think about it, how many times a day will you have been caught on camera?

To introduce such legislation would continue to damage the very fabric of our supposed ‘democracy’.

The UK has over four million surveillance cameras monitoring activities 24-hours a day'

The UK has over four million surveillance cameras monitoring activities 24-hours a day’

Furthermore, enforcing such legislation would be a logistical nightmare and no doubt cost time, resources and money. All of which could be better spent on actually preventing acts of terrorism – Rather than preventing Shirley from Doncaster having a quick text chat with her Mother in Spain.

It is up to the people, the electorate to prevent such a thing from happening contact your MP, sign any potential petitions that may come, make your voice heard. To protect democracy we must respect the very fundamental aspects of the system.

However, no doubt the masses will be glued to their television screens watching all the latest drivel from the Big Brother house.

Similar to Roman Empire era tactics of scaring the populous into support, they’ll bombard us with news stories of the big bad barbarians at our borders who seek to murder, rape and pillage everything in their wake until we grow tired, conform and follow them into some Orwellian-type society, where you can’t even think without these dinosaurs monitoring it.