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For January 31, 2013 – New York Times says Chinese hackers broke into its computers, standoff drags into third day as man holds child in bunker and five things that could make BlackBerry 10 a hit…

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Iran arrests several journalists for “plotting” against the regime

Yet more disturbing news today from Iran regarding freedom of the press.

News that several journalists had been detained for “plotting” against the regime and working with foreign news agencies sadly, comes as not that much of a surprise any more.

For as long as I have been capable of watching – and understanding – the news I have known of the abuses the Iranian regime commit in regards to journalists and press freedom. Iran is reported to have the second highest number of imprisoned journalists (45). Behind Turkey (49). As such we really should not be surprised that yet more journalists have been imprisoned and no doubt subjected to physical and psychological abuse.

It is truly shameful that in the 21st century, the age of the internet, an age of global enlightenment that we find nations and regimes restricting not only the rights of the press, but also the rights of the people to seek fair and adequate media coverage.

Among those arrested were; Javad Daliri, the editor-in-chief of Etemaad, a reformist daily newspaper along with two other Etemaad staff members, Sasan Aghaie and Nasrin Takhiri.

The detainment of journalists in Iran and other nations, including Turkey – a country which portrays itself as a moderate, democratic Islamic state – in my opinion, must continue to receive global coverage and support from all areas of the world media.


Now I know Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are there for people to express themselves, I know it’s my choice to “follow” or befriend these people, and I know if I don’t agree with their posts I should delete them. 

However I find myself perpetually pulling my hair out at the never ending updates on how terrible people believe their lives are. I’ve deleted, un-followed and hidden upwards of 50 people in the last few weeks and yet…Here I am, still with a newsfeed full of idiots. 

The terrible irony of this post is that I myself am ranting and moaning about people ranting and moaning. The fact of the matter is however, that I’m not; Moaning about not getting certain gifts, not being able to afford to go out and get black-out drunk, I’m not moaning about the constant rain (Even though we’ve lived in a rain soaked country for upwards of two decades) and I’m definitely not moaning about “Who my real friends are”.

If your life truly was as difficult as you portray it to be online, then I highly doubt you’d be posting on Facebook at all, let alone from an iPhone 5 that you recently posted a picture of. 

Social media brings people, cultures, ideas and thoughts together on the web, but it also brings out some truly ridiculous people. So if you are one of these guys or girls incessantly moaning about your lives, spare a thought for those in this world who don’t have “beats” by Dr Dre…Or running water.